What is StrengthInside?

Have you ever been on your 3rd set of squats, and 10 reps in on a 12 rep goal? legs burning, giving out, pain everywhere, barely breathing? Face so red and hot, but there is no way you are going to give up on rep 10, when you only have 2 more. Odds are, your body does not want you to keep going, it is going to fight you to stop. However, the STRENGTHINSIDE of you is telling you, that you can do this, you can finish, it is only 2 more! Not everyone has this voice inside of them, that will not let them give up that close to a goal. How about when you are 8 weeks in on a 12 week diet? When you go out with your friends, and they decide that fast food is what is for dinner? That STRENGTHINSIDE of you is telling you that this is not for you, you are 4 weeks away from coming out of that diet. That voice, that willpower you have, is the strength from within your body, not letting you let that 8 weeks of strict diet go down the drain. 

StrengthInsideFitness BELIEVES IN YOU!